Forest Hills Lanes 

7742 Forest Hills Road - Loves Park, IL

(815)654-3900 -

Shooter's North

Entertainment Schedule 

January 4th Saturday - Blue Steel

January 10th Friday - Sunset Strip

January 11th Saturday - Red Ball Jet

January 18th Saturday - Dirty Sheetz

January 24th Friday - Unplug the Rock

January 25th Saturday - Soul Tango

January 31st Friday - Audio Drive


February 1st Saturday - County Line Live

February 8th Saturday - Shifty Shafer

February 15th Saturday - Good Karma

February 21st Friday - Unplug the Rock

February 22nd Saturday - Bootleg Soul

February 29th Saturday - Blue Steel


March 6th Friday - Sunset Strip

March 7th Saturday - Red Ball Jet

March 13th Friday - Audio Drive

March 14th Saturday - Good Karma

March 20th Friday - Unplug the Rock

March 21st Saturday - Soul Tango

March 28th Saturday - OPEN


April 4th Saturday - OGMC

April 11th Saturday - Shifty Shafer

April 17th Friday - Unplug the Rock

April 18th Saturday - Bootleg Soul

April 25th Saturday - Blue Steel


May 2nd Saturday - Soul Tango

May 9th Saturday - Shifty Shafer

May 15th Friday - Unplug the Rock

May 16th Saturday - OGMC


July 25th Saturday - Shifty Shafer


September 5th Saturday - Blue Steel

September 12th Saturday - Dead Man's Hand

September 18th Friday - Unplug the Rock

September 26th Saturday - Shifty Shafer


October 3rd Saturday - Audio Drive

October 10th Saturday - Rat Baxter

October 16th Friday - Unplug the Rock

October 24th Saturday - Shifty Shafer

October 31st Saturday - Blue Steel


November 14th Saturday - Sunset Strip

November 20th Friday - Unplug the Rock

November 21st Saturday - Audio Drive


December 5th Saturday - Blue Steel

Decemeber 12th Saturday - Flannel Daze

December 18th Friday - Unplug the Rock

December 19th Saturday - Shifty Shafer

December 26th Saturday - Rat Baxter

December 31st Thursday - Sunset Strip


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